ANZAMP Seminar Series 2021

In 2021, the ANZAMP Executive decided that it was infeasible to hold an in-person annual meeting and instead opted to commission a year-long seminar series in mathematical physics for ANZAMP members.  This was kindly convened by Michael Assis of the University of Melbourne.

Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title
March 3 Ian Affleck University of British Columbia The Majorana-Hubbard Model
March 9 Samin Aref University of Toronto Social physics: Coalitions in networks of US Congress and the ground state of an Ising model
March 16 William Mead University of Melbourne The two-species totally asymmetric simple exclusion process
March 23 Philippe de Francesco University of Illinois Triangular Ice: Combinatorics and Limit Shapes
March 30 Yury Stepanyants University of Southern Queensland The asymptotic approach to the description of two-dimensional soliton patterns in the oceans
April 6 Sean Dawson University of Sydney Monodromy in Prolate Spheroidal Harmonics
April 6 Diana Nguyen University of Sydney Integrable Systems arising from Separation on S^3
April 13 Kenji Kajiwara Kyushu University Generation of Aesthetic Shapes by Integrable Systems
April 27 Robert Pryor University of Melbourne Symmetry Protected Topological Phases and Dualities
May 4 Matthias Gaberdiel ETH Zurich An exact AdS/CFT duality
May 11 Hinke Osinga University of Auckland Geometric and numerical characteristics of wild chaotic attractors in Lorenz-type systems
May 25 Richard Kenyon Yale University Multinomial random tilings
June 1 Ray Volkas University of Melbourne The standard model and our discontent
June 15 Xilin Lu Australian National University Hidden Symmetry in Generalisations of the Quantum Rabi Model
June 15 Zimin Li Australian National University Generalized adiabatic approximation to the quantum Rabi model
August 10 Shinsei Ryu Princeton University Partial transpose for anyons
August 24 Ian Marquette University of Queensland Hidden algebras for shape invariant nonseparable models
September 7 Sara Pasquetti University of Milano-Bicocca New results and new strategies for IR dualities in SUSY gauge theories
September 14 Sasha Garbali University of Melbourne Shuffle algebra, Macdonald operators and lattice models
September 28 Marta Mazzocco University of Birmingham Isomonodromic deformations: Confluence, Reduction and Quantization
October 12 Gabriele Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli University of Queensland Some remarks and novel perspectives on supersymmetry breaking
November 9 Milena Radnovic University of Sydney Integrable billiards, Poncelet porism, and rotation numbers
December 3 Tony Guttmann University of Melbourne Non-crossing paths on a lattice