The mathematics of conformal field theory II

From Friday 12th November 2021
To Friday 09th July 2021
Location MSI, ANU

The recent drive in theoretical physics to unify gravity with the other fundamental forces has led to an explosion of activity at the interface between mathematics and physics, and conformal field theory has proven to be a particularly active and exciting example of this interaction. While conformal field theory was initially developed for physical purposes, it has also inspired breakthroughs in diverse mathematical fields such as number theory, combinatorics, differential and algebraic geometry, sporadic finite groups, quantum groups, knot theory, and more. This conference will bring together the various mathematics and mathematical physics communities that study CFT and related topics in mathematical physics to discuss recent breakthroughs and develop new directions for future research.

This event is part of the MSI Special Year 2021

In-person format

The majority of talks will be held live and in-person on campus at the ANU under appropriate COVID-safe protocols. These talks will be complemented by several talks from international speakers over Zoom. We are looking forward to seeing our colleagues and enjoying the opportunity to collaborate in-person and discuss talks over a coffee break. Talks will also be made available over Zoom, and we will have facilities to support discussions between in-person and online participants. In the current environment we will need to be flexible in the case of any developments in the domestic COVID situation.

Celebration of Peter Bouwknegt’s 60th birthday

The first day of the workshop will celebrate the 60th birthday of Peter Bouwknegt with a day of talks on topics connected to Peter’s work. This will be followed by a reception in the evening. Full details of this event will be provided to participants following registration.


On Monday we wil celebrate the 60th birthday of Peter Bouwknegt with a schedule of talks related to his work, followed by a reception. There will be a conference dinner on Wednesday.

Invited speakers

Organising committee