PIMS-CRM 2020 Summer School in Probability

From Monday 01st June 2020
To Monday 01st June 2020
Location University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

This is an announcement of the 2020 Summer School in Probability which will take place at UBC, Vancouver, Canada, on June 1-26, 2020.

There will be two 4-week courses:

*Ivan Corwin: Interacting particle systems, growth models, stochastic

  PDEs and directed polymers through the lens of the stochastic six


*Frank den Hollander: Metastability for interacting particle systems

There will also be 3 short (3 lecture) courses by

* Paul Bourgade: Branching processes in random matrix theory and number theory.

* Jean-Francois Le Gall: Brownian geometry on the sphere.

* Nike Sun: Statistical physics of random constraint satisfaction problems.

Funding for local expenses will be provided for some participants who are able to attend the entire summer school.

This will largely consist of free on-campus housing.

Application for financial support will be  accepted at the webpage below starting Sept. 9/19 and ending December 31, 2019. Registration, including payment of the  $100 registration fee will also be available online at the same webpage starting Sept. 9/19.

All information about the summer school can be found at http://www.math.ubc.ca/Links/ssprob20/

The school is intended primarily for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in Probability. There will also be opportunities for interested participants to present their own research.

Questions can be directed to the following local organizers:

Omer Angel <angel@math.ubc.ca>

Mathav Murugan <mathav@math.ubc.ca>

Ed Perkins <perkins@math.ubc.ca>.