Noncommutative Geometry and Applications to Quantum Physics

From Wednesday 12th July 2017
To Saturday 22nd July 2017
Location Quy Nhon, Vietnam
The School “Noncommutative Geometry and Applications to Quantum Physics” will be held in Quy Nhon, Vietnam from July 12th to 22nd, 2017.This school will hosted by the Rencontres du Vietnam.
The confirmed lecturers are Bram Mesland, Iain Raeburn, Patrizia Vitale, Fedor Sukochev, Ryszard Nest, and Johannes Kellendonk. Specialized seminars will also be given by Alan Carey, Wicharn Lewkeeratiyutkul, Fedele Lizzi, and Yoshiaki Maeda.
The main subjects will be the Connes-Chern Character Theorem, Noncommutative Integration Theory (Dixmier Traces, Singular Traces…), Unbounded KK-theory and Kasparov Product, Dynamical Systems and KMS States, Quantum Groups, Fuzzy Spaces, the Noncommutative Standard Model of Particle Physics, and some Application to the QHE…
We encourage students and post-docs to attend this meeting, so please relay this information to your institution. Due to a limited budget, we will be able to provide support only to a selected number of junior participants, primarily from developing countries.
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