International Conference of Physics Students 2023 (ICPS 2023)

From Thursday 07th September 2023
To Wednesday 13th September 2023
Location Philippines

Every year, the International Association of Physics Students conducts the
International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) hosted by one of its member
committees in their home country for seven to eight days. A founding event of IAPS
that started in 1986 at Budapest, Hungary, it has since grown and attracted a
projected number of more than 300 participants from around the world. In this
conference, students will get a chance to interact with each other at various scientific
and social events, listen to lectures from local physicists, and experience the sights
and culture of the host country.

For the year 2023, ICPS will be held in the Philippines – the first ever ICPS in Asia! It
will be a joint effort between UP Physics Sphere from UP Baguio and PUP Physics
Society from PUP Manila. The participants will spend 2 nights of the conference in
Manila, and 5 nights in Baguio from September 7-13, 2023.