2D Supersymmetric Theories and Related Topics

From Monday 17th January 2022
To Friday 28th January 2022
Location MATRIX, Creswick, Victoria

This program aims to bring together leading international and Australian experts in string theory and related mathematics with the goal of exchanging ideas, results and launching new collaborations.

The research focus is on two-dimensional supersymmetric field theories that are related to string theory and mathematics. Key topics will centre on new developments in (2,2) and (0,2) supersymmetric theories and their connections to heterotic strings and quantum corrected supergravity, Calabi-Yau manifolds and vector bundles, AdS/CFT, generalised complex geometry, 2D conformal field theories and their T-Tbar deformations.

The program will consist of two parts. The first week is primarily research oriented with sessions of overview talks on the subject areas of the program and plenty of time for discussions and research activities. The second week will be a research conference titled “2D supersymmetric theories and related topics” .